Novalytes Custom LED Wall Art | Branding Logos

$99.00 $133.00

Novalyte Checklist

✅ Your Design: Turn any design you want for your business into an eye-catching illuminated logo. 

✅ Your Choice: We create Custom LED Wall Art business logos based on your preferences.

✅ Easy Installation: Our Custom LED Wall Arts are on high-quality materials that are ready for wall mounting – no specialist installation team is required.

✅ Affordable Pricing: We offer the lowest possible price without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

Take Your Business Branding To The Next Level

Get a custom LED logo sign and order a Custom LED Wall Art specially designed for your business. Company name or logo, we design and create eye-catching Custom LED Wall Art for a wide range of businesses across all industries.

Get A High-End Finish For Your Branding

Want to get people talking about your business? Nova Lyte specializes in custom LED signs with beautiful contour-cut backings and over 25 unique color settings to choose from. Deploy an on-trend Custom LED Wall Art for your brand and business to stand out. Plus, Nova Lyte specializes in using the finest and most durable materials to give your brand the clean, high-end finish your business deserves!

Become Part Of The Hottest Trending Wall Art For Business Brands Worldwide

Add a modern and minimalist touch to your business with this Custom LED Wall Art. The artwork panel is spaced off the wall, for a very cool floating appearance. With unlimited customization possibilities, the only limit is your imagination. What your mind can see, we can make. That’s why NOVALYTES is taking the industry by storm, quickly becoming the hottest trending wall art!

Create Unforgettable Experiences & Memories For Your Clients

Turn your idea into an eye-catching Custom LED Wall Art specially designed for your business. With amazing colorful light, a wonderful Custom LED Wall Art creates an incredible atmosphere and adds colors to your brand. Creating experiences and memories your clients will surely remember.

Say Goodbye To Traditional Wall Art!

Design a custom Nova Lyte for your business using our new builder tool! ANY WORDING YOU WANT, not just names. Choose your font, colors and other special touches, then our team will make your vision come to life. Once you’re happy with it, we’ll get in touch to confirm all the final details, so we can turn your design into a reality.

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